Make sure you have legal depollution systems – £20K fine from Environment Agency

16 Jul 2013 | ELV, Legislation

Last month the Environment Agency found Bishops Waltham scrap yard in Hampshire guilty of not storing waste oil and fluids correctly. This endangered the groundwater and they were fined over £20,000.

This is the first of many future prosecutions and large fines as more sites are exposed.

The Environment Agency and its counterparts (SEPA and Natural Resources Wales) have long been responsible for minimising environmental risk and damage in the UK.

Their roles in the waste and secondary metals sectors are to ensure all waste and metal dealers have operating licenses and are carrying out their business legally and compliantly. This includes the proper depollution of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and correct storage of all fuel and waste fluids.

Due to increased funding and pressure from the European Commission, environmental issues are a priority again after a period of neglect.

With substantial resources and a mass recruitment of new Environment Inspectors across the UK, the Government is intent on prosecuting all illegal sites. The dividing of the main body into separate organisations in England, Scotland and Wales will further help eliminate incompliant sites.

Each inspector can now focus on a smaller area so each site can be visited more frequently with strict guidelines.

This illustrates the up  most importance in making sure that you ATF site has correct, legal depollution systems in place. AutoDrain can help you become compliant with Environment Agency legislation and law, to help seriously reduce the risks of fines and site closures.


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