Environment Agency issue important statement.

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The Environment Agency issue important statement:


End of Life Vehicle (ELV) – Depollution Campaign


We are preparing a national ELV compliance campaign for 2016 that will audit the depollution process at permitted sites dismantling ELVs. We will focus on the depollution process and check where sites are sending waste produced during the depollution process. We are also looking into allegations of unpermitted sites breaking vehicles and selling parts on internet sites and social media.

Failure to fully depollute vehicles can have serious environmental impacts. If vehicles are not depolluted fully and correctly there is the potential to cause pollution to air, land, surface water or to groundwater. In addition there is an increased risk of fire when batteries and fuels and fluids are left in stored vehicles.  Undepolluted or partially depolluted vehicles processed in metal shredders increase the risk of explosion, fire and contaminate shredder residues.

As part of the preparation for this audit we are currently scrutinising hazardous waste consignee returns, waste returns and other data to identify any issues and discrepancies. We will be working closely with Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and the trade associations in developing and rolling out this campaign. Although the main campaign does not begin until 2016 we may pilot the campaign and audit tools at sites during 2015.


Objective of the campaign and audit

The audit will assess effectiveness of the depollution process and the storage and handling of wastes produced as a result of the depollution process. The audit will also include; technical competence, record keeping, compliance with hazardous waste legislation and the F-Gas regulations for removing air conditioning unit gas.


Depollution process:

Environmental standards and specific requirements in relation to depolluting ELVs were imposed by the Directive 2000/53/EC – the “ELV Directive”. Guidance on these standards and what to do can be found on GOV.UK and in the Defra & BIS guidance for Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) on Depolluting ELVs.


Site selection – we are using data from a number of sources to prioritise sites to audit:

We are working with DVLA and BIS to identify priority sites using the ATF register. We will target sites that are issuing Certificates of destruction (CoD)/Notices of destruction (NoD) without generating the corresponding quantities of appropriate hazardous waste. Similarly we will be looking at those sites that are not issuing CoD/NoDs. We will also compare site returns and hazardous waste data and scrutinise poor performing/high risk sites.


Due to the following information, we understand what implications this may have on your Authorised Treatment Facility.  If you would like to discuss the upcoming EA depollution campaign on your business, please do not hesitate to contact the AutoDrain team on  0113 205 9332



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