Fuel Recovery Equipment for Misfuels

All our Fuel Recovery equipment and Fuel Storage equipment complies fully with HSE’s and insurance companies’ requirements to remove fuel and fuel vapours.

Make Money From Misfuels

With over 10 years’ experience in fuel recovery and fuel storage, AutoDrain are the first choice for safe and efficient fuel removal systems for your breakdown vehicles.

With over 150,000 reported misfuels incidents in the UK in the last 12 months, you can make significant profits from draining contaminated fuel and any subsequent cleaning and re-sale opportunities, through our range of market leading fuel recovery and storage equipment. We make misfuels safe, efficient and profitable for you and your recovery business.

Misfuel Facts

  • 7.5 million litres of contaminated fuel needs draining from vehicle misfuels per year
  • Huge increase in petrol misfuel into diesel vehicles
  • 23% of drivers misfuel their own vehicles

AutoDrain will help you maximise your profit-making opportunities from this growing misfuel market with both mobile and workshop-based fuel recovery systems, tailored to your particular requirements.

Are You Getting Paid for Your Mixed Fuel?
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Fuel Recovery Products for Misfuels

Fuel Recovery

Fuel Cleaner

Cleans Petrol and Diesel During Recovery

A proven system to remove water and sediment from valuable petrol and diesel.

Fuel Scavenger SS

Fuel Removal from all Makes of Vehicle

Quick, safe and efficient fuel removal of valuable petrol, diesel and contaminated fuel from all makes of vehicle

Fuel Tools

Multiple Vehicle Connectivity

A choice of tools that allow you to connect to all types of vehicle to remove valuable petrol and diesel.

Mobile Fuel Scavenger

Mobile System for Attending Misfuellings at the Roadside

Professional, easy to use and safe recovery equipment for the removal of contaminated fuel from misfuelled vehicles


Contaminated Fuel Storage

Compliant Storage of Petrol, Diesel and Other Flammable Liquids

The safest way to store flammable contaminated fuel

Diesel Storage

Compliant Diesel Storage Tanks and Diesel Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable diesel

Petrol Storage

Compliant Petrol Storage Tanks with Petrol Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable petrol

VapourSafe Contaminated Fuel Storage Tank

Unique Sealed Vapour Tight Transfer System

The safest way to store contaminated fuel

VapourSafe Diesel Storage Tank

Keep your Diesel Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Diesel

VapourSafe Petrol Storage Tank

Keep your Petrol Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Petrol