Fuel Recovery and Storage

All our Fuel Recovery and Storage Equipment complies fully with HSE’s and insurance companies’ requirements to remove fuel and fuel vapours. It is critical that the correct equipment is used in the recovery and storage of fuel and all our fuel recovery and storage products have been designed specifically for this sole purpose. If you need any advice on what equipment is right for you then please contact us.


QuickDrain Fuel

Pump Petrol and Diesel Straight to Fuel Storage Tanks

Quick and efficient system to pump recovered fuels directly to storage ready for immediate re-use

Fuel Recovery

Diesel Scavenger

Cost Effective Solution for Removing Diesel

Quickly and safely removes diesel from all makes of vehicles.

Fixed Fuel Scavenger

Removes and Cleans Petrol/Diesel Directly to Storage

Efficient removal and cleaning of valuable reusable fuel from vehicles

Fuel Cleaner

Cleans Petrol and Diesel During Recovery

A proven system to remove water and sediment from valuable petrol and diesel.

Fuel Point

Removes Petrol and Diesel

Cost Effective Fuel Removal from End of Life Vehicles

Fuel Scavenger SS

Fuel Removal from all Makes of Vehicle

Quick, safe and efficient fuel removal of valuable petrol, diesel and contaminated fuel from all makes of vehicle

Fuel Tank Drill

Fuel Removal Equipment Suitable for Plastic and Metal Tanks

The fast way to remove and clean valuable petrol and diesel from End of Life Vehicles

Fuel Tools

Multiple Vehicle Connectivity

A choice of tools that allow you to connect to all types of vehicle to remove valuable petrol and diesel.

Mobile Fuel Scavenger

Mobile System for Attending Misfuellings at the Roadside

Professional, easy to use and safe recovery equipment for the removal of contaminated fuel from misfuelled vehicles

Petrol Scavenger 90/120

Fuel Removal from all Makes of Vehicle

Quickly, safely and efficiently removes valuable petrol from all makes of vehicle.


Contaminated Fuel Storage

Compliant Storage of Petrol, Diesel and Other Flammable Liquids

The safest way to store flammable contaminated fuel

Diesel Storage

Compliant Diesel Storage Tanks and Diesel Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable diesel

Fluid Storage

Waste Oils, Coolants, Screenwash, Brake Fluid and Diesel

Secure and compliant storage of fluids and waste oils

Petrol Storage

Compliant Petrol Storage Tanks with Petrol Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable petrol

VapourSafe Contaminated Fuel Storage Tank

Unique Sealed Vapour Tight Transfer System

The safest way to store contaminated fuel

VapourSafe Diesel Storage Tank

Keep your Diesel Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Diesel

VapourSafe Petrol Storage Tank

Keep your Petrol Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Petrol