Fuel Removal for the Vehicle Hire Industry

  • Do you regularly dispose of or sell vehicles with fuel still in the tanks?
  • Are you throwing away this fantastic source of revenue for your business?

You could save yourself and your business thousands of pounds a year by investing in AutoDrain’s fuel removal system to remove petrol and diesel prior to vehicle sale or disposal.

Our Fixed Fuel Scavenger is an innovative piece of fuel removal equipment that provides a huge cost saving and money making opportunity. It allows you to remove clean petrol and diesel from vehicles which can be reused immediately or stored for future use.
The Fixed Fuel Scavenger is simple and safe to use, is fully ATEX, DSEAR and HSE compliant and allows you to remove valuable fuel quickly and easily. So if you own or manage a fleet of vehicles you could potentially save up to £50,000 a year by installing a Fixed Fuel Scavenger and having a safe, efficient fuel removal system in place.

Fuel Removal Products

Fuel Recovery

Fixed Fuel Scavenger

Removes and Cleans Petrol/Diesel Directly to Storage

Efficient removal and cleaning of valuable reusable fuel from vehicles

Fuel Cleaner

Cleans Petrol and Diesel During Recovery

A proven system to remove water and sediment from valuable petrol and diesel.

Fuel Tools

Multiple Vehicle Connectivity

A choice of tools that allow you to connect to all types of vehicle to remove valuable petrol and diesel.


Contaminated Fuel Storage

Compliant Storage of Petrol, Diesel and Other Flammable Liquids

The safest way to store flammable contaminated fuel

Diesel Storage

Compliant Diesel Storage Tanks and Diesel Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable diesel

Petrol Storage

Compliant Petrol Storage Tanks with Petrol Dispensing

Secure storage for valuable petrol

VapourSafe Contaminated Fuel Storage Tank

Unique Sealed Vapour Tight Transfer System

The safest way to store contaminated fuel

VapourSafe Diesel Storage Tank

Keep your Diesel Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Diesel

VapourSafe Petrol Storage Tank

Keep your Petrol Safe with the VapourSafe Storage Tank

Secure Storage For Valuable Petrol