The IFRS Recovery Tow Show

06 Jul 2012 | Exhibitions, Fuel Recovery, Fuel Safety, Training

AutoDrain will be continuing a busy year of exhibitions with the IFRS Tow Show in Tullamore, Ireland from the 27-29 July.

Organised in partnership with the IFRS and AVRO, this is mainly a recovery industry show, although if you’re a dismantler or auto recycler based in Ireland you should still come along as AutoDrain will be showing a range of their depollution equipment as well.

The show is held at the Tullamore Court Hotel. More information can be found on their website.

We will be showing some brand new products on the stand including our new Midi and Mini Mobile Fuel Scavengers, designed to fit in the back of a van to attend to vehicles who have misfuelled.

Please contact us on +44 (0)113 2059332 or email if you would like to find out more about what we will be bringing to the show.

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Come and see us at the ATF Professional conference On the 27th November at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Warwick, UK
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This week, AutoDrain’s sales team are back at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC) showing the Oilaway system at Maintec.
So if you have an interest in predictive maintenance or a sealed, safe and fast oil draining solution Maintec is open today until 4pm and tomorrow (Thursday) 9am >3pm.
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Funny Old World
“We are not naming the driver,” a police spokeswoman told reporters,”but we can tell you that she is 55 years old. She filled her VW diesel car with petrol, and only realised her mistake after she had finished. She asked for advice in the garage , and was told that she would need professional help to remove the fuel.
Wishing to spare herself the cost of a mechanic, she asked a passing 20-year old man to help push the car away from the petrol pumps, and towards the garages vacuum cleaners, which are normally used to clean the inside of vehicles. She hoped to connect the vacuum cleaner to a hose and gradually suck the petrol out of the tank, but the vacuum cleaner was more powerful than she realised. It rapidly sucked petrol directly in to its interior, which then burst into flames, setting fire to the car as well. Firefighters were called to extinguish the blaze, which caused over €40,000 of damage, and required a road closure in the surrounding area. The woman was unharmed, but the 20-year-old man needed treatment for burns to his hands.
RTL News Luxembourg 11/8/19 / Private Eye
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The Spanish sales team received a fantastic response (and had a good time) at the International Tow Show FIRECA in Sevilla, Southern Spain. A big thank you to everybody who visited the stand! ... See MoreSee Less

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