Misfuelled Vehicles Keep on Rising!

10 Dec 2014 | Fuel Recovery

The misfuel industry has been growing at a rapid rate over the years and still shows no signs of stopping as it continues to rise year by year. Misfuelled vehicle’s have become a common occurrence within the breakdown and recovery industry and continues to rise at an alarming rate. With so much opportunity available to attend misfuels, using the AutoDrain Mobile Fuel Scavenger will create huge potential in creating revenue for you and your growing business.

AutoDrain believe that fuel recovery should be fast, safe and efficient and in order to do so we offer a complete fuel recovery system that ensures the best possible practise from start to finish when dealing with misfuelled vehicles. Specifically designed for purpose, the Mobile Scavenger has become a firm favourite within the recovery industry. The Mobile Scavenger provides the easy removal of contaminated fuels and is efficient in both time and labour, being capable of drawing 25 litres per minute. With a capacity of 250 litres, it has been specifically designed to ensure that productivity is elevated, allowing you to visit multiple misfuelled vehicles and providing you with potential of business development and growth. In addition to receiving a call out charge to assist your customer, you can also profit from the opportunity of reselling recovered fuel to companies for processing.

Used in conjunction with the brand new VapourSafe storage tank, AutoDrain provides you with a process that creates the ultimate sealed drainage solution from start to finish of the misfuelling process. Transfer straight from your Mobile Scavenger to the VapourSafe storage tank and have a safe and secure storage of your fuel, ready to be sold to refining companies for processing, creating further revenue for you and your business.

By using the AutoDrain Mobile fuel Scavenger you can create a profitable recovery business from start to finish. For further information please contact us on 0113 205 9332 we are more than happy to discuss any of your business needs, and with expertise and advice available from the AutoDrain team we are sure to help you on your road to success.

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