All-in-One Modular Draining Platform

Adjustable Draining Platform incorporating Modules, HD Fuel Arm and HD Oil Arm

A cost-effective and compliant depollution system configured to suit your exact draining needs—Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Screen Wash, Petrol, Diesel, Contaminated Fuel and/or Adblue.
  • Drain engines and gearboxes at the same time as well as pumping the waste oil directly into the waste oil storage tank
  • Recovers and cleans valuable petrol and diesel as it pumps to individual storage tanks
  • Allows full access to the underneath of the vehicle to remove valuable catalytic converters
  • Adjustable working height to meet the needs of different operators
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to hydraulic lifting systems


  • Heavy duty fuel arm with fuel drill and twin fuel cleaners
  • Fuel suction module with individual pumps for petrol and diesel
  • Heavy duty oil arm with twin adjustable draining bowls
  • Oil, Coolant and Brake Fluid suction module with individual pumps
  • Full underneath access
  • Max. height 2mtrs
  • Min. height 1.75mtrs (to the underneath of the vehicle)
  • Load tested to 3,000 kg
  • All steel construction

Additional options available:

  • Integral AutoShear
  • Adblue suction draining
  • Contaminated fuel divert

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