AutoShear on a Stanchion

Purpose built AutoShear specifically designed to remove valuable catalytic converters

Purpose built AutoShear on a Stanchion quickly Removes Catalytic Converters
  • Helps to keep the work area floor free of equipment
  • Eliminates unauthorised use outside of the designated work area
  • Reduces the risk of unauthorised removal of the equipment
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Robust and designed specifically for its purpose
  • The single blade keeps consumable costs low, further increasing your return on investment
  • Rigorously tested in our own ATF
Business Case for an AutoShear

If the average scrap price is £50 for a used catalytic converter, the AutoShear only needs to remove 49 cats to pay for itself.

If you don’t make it easy for the operator to remove Cats, will they leave some on?

Price per month £56 + vat

all figures estimated*


  • 240 volt single phase electro hydraulic
  • 1650 mm high x 600mm wide x 580mm deep (including hose hanger)
  • 55kg total (including 9kg cutter head)
  • Quick change blade
  • Comes supplied with 5 metre hoses, other lengths available on request
  • Hose hanger
  • New light-weight aluminium control handle
  • Requires a suitable concrete floor and mounting bolts (bolts not included)

Service and Support

AutoShear’s are designed to be serviced and maintained by a competent person using standard tools.

Technical support is offered through email, telephone, text and FaceTime, and the languages our technicians speak are English, French and Spanish.
In the event that any spares are required, they can be sent overnight in the UK, and the rest of Europe and around the World in a couple of days using companies such as TNT and DHL.

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