AutoShear Range

Our range of AutoShear Products Remove Valuable Catalytic Converters


Q. Why should I buy an AutoShear instead of a rescue cutter?
A. AutoShears are specifically designed for cutting off catalytic converters. Rescue cutters (scissor type cutters) are normally used by the fire and rescue services and are not designed for repetitive use, also the twin blade design will tend to “twist”. If you do not process many ELV’s and want an all-round machine, a rescue cutter maybe more suitable for your needs.

Q. Which is the best AutoShear for me?
A. The AutoShear range all use the same cutter head and blade. Over the years we have had different customers ask for different features. One person may like the idea of using an AutoShear anywhere he chooses, the next one may like the idea of it permanently fixed in one place. If you are not sure which one you would prefer, please give us a call. If there isn’t a version you like, please let us know what you would like and perhaps we can make it?

Q. How long will a blade last?
A. This is very difficult to estimate. So, we are currently performing duty cycle tests on the AutoShear so that we can offer you a number (we are currently achieving cuts measured in the thousands). Blade life will be affected by the number of cuts, the operators technique (pulsing the trigger will extend blade life) and a blade cutting rusty old exhausts will last longer than cutting new exhausts.

Q. Can I use an AutoShear outside?
A. It is not recommended to use any mains operated equipment outside. If you do prefer to work outside, the compressed air operated AirShear or the 12-volt original AutoShear maybe suitable for you.

Q. Can the AutoShear cut drive shafts?
A. No, the AutoShear is not designed for cutting solid items such as drive shafts.