Fuel Cleaner

Designed to Clean Valuable Petrol and Diesel as it is Recovered

This is not a fuel filter, it’s an AutoDrain Fuel Cleaner!
  • A simple inline upgrade to your Fuel Scavenger
  • Using centrifugal force this unique water & sediment separation system, ensures you only recover clean & reusable fuel
  • The Fuel Cleaner, also serves as a sight glass allowing you to inspect the quality of the fuel as it is retrieved
  • No costly replacement filters required
  • Compatible with most End of Life Vehicle fuel recovery systems
  • Quick in-out connectivity


  • Steel, aluminium and glass construction
  • 350 x 150 x 730H

*Requires additional equipment to suck the fuel through the fuel cleaner.
Fixed and mobile options available, please contact us if you require this additional equipment.
Contaminants other than sediment and water may not be removed.
The Fuel Cleaner cannot separate mixed petrol and diesel.

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