Load Lift

Loads and Lifts ELVs

Loads and unloads ELVs within 5 seconds – with or without wheels. Lifts to any height to allow full access to the vehicle.
  • Gives 100% access to all areas of the vehicle for the depollution/dismantling process
  • No need to move the vehicle– all aspects of the depollution/dismantling process can be carried out while the vehicle is on the LoadLift increasing your productivity and efficiency
  • LoadLift reduces operator bending and stretching associated with fixed frames
  • Full working height in just 30 seconds, loading time 5 seconds


  • 3 phase or single phase
  • Compressed air operated safety locking system
  • Solid steel construction
  • Designed specifically for the ELV industry

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“We invested in an AutoDrain LoadLift and starter pack in 2008 (12 years ago) and the equipment has served us well and is still in daily use…now we are ready to upgrade to a fixed system, after 12 years of reliable use and good support we have chosen AutoDrain once again”

Paul Allport
Allport Metal Recycling Ltd, Gwynedd, North Wales

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