Oil Arms

Safely and effectively allows you to drain and collect waste oil from ELV’s

Designed to be connected to a suitable pumping system to allow the direct pumping of waste oil into the waste oil storage tank
  • An efficient, compliant and reliable way to gravity drain waste oil from a vehicles engine and gearbox at the same time


  • Single or twin bowl versions
  • Height adjustable steel gravity bowls
  • Two types of gravity bowl available – offset and central round
  • Two or three point pivots
  • Suction pipe, fittings and valves
  • All steel construction
  • Maximum usable length of the twin bowl version is 2810
  • Maximum usable length of the single bowl version is 2260
  • Floor mounting
  • * Floor mounting bolts are not provided as the size and type to be used will depend on the nature and condition of the floor surface

Other options available include;

  • Heavy duty version
  • Oil arm including Solo pump
  • Mounted on a Draining Platform

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