QuickDrain Compact Depollution Bay

Intermediate volumes - Suitable for the vehicle dismantler interested in recovering valuable spare parts or the scrap metal processor with lower volumes

A compact depollution bay pumping fluids directly in to storage
  • AutoDrain’s depollution systems can be configured to suit your volumes, your building and your preferred way of depolluting
  • The QuickDrain Compact can be used in conjunction with either the LoadLift or the Draining Platform to configure your depollution system
  • Fast, efficient and safe to use
  • Fully ATEX, DSEAR and HSE compliant
  • The QuickDrain Compact is space saving, but can also come as a tower version for even more space saving
  • Compressed air operated for suction and discharge
  • Can be self-installed
  • All of AutoDrain’s depollution equipment can be specifically configured to meet your exact needs

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