QuickDrain Tower System

Designed for the quick, safe and compliant removal of Oil, Coolant, Petrol and Diesel from End of Life vehicles

The QuickDrain Tower is an intermediate system for high speed, safe and compliant removal of fuel and waste fluids from your End of Life Vehicles
  • Ultra-space saving, neat and compact system, designed to fit comfortably in to your depollution bay to work with a LoadLift or Draining Platform
  • The petrol, diesel, oil and coolant are pumped directly to individual storage tanks saving valuable time
  • The centrifugal action of our unique fuel cleaners removes water and sediment, giving you clean, reusable fuel


  • Simple pipe work connections mean self-installation is possible or we can install the QuickDrain Tower for you with minimum disruption to your work routine


  • Compressed air operated
  • Flexi coil hoses for oil & coolant suction
  • Probe kits
  • Fuel tank drill with twin fuel cleaners
  • 3.5mtr fuel hose set
  • 120ltr oil gravity drainer emptied via the QD module
  • All steel construction
  • ATEX/DSEAR compliant
  • Tower size
  • 1920H x 530W x 450D
  • This system can be supplied as standard or tailored to your specific needs

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