Providing ELV Depollution Systems World Wide.

27 Oct 2016 | Uncategorised

AutoDrain travels the world providing ELV depollution equipment and installations. Every AutoDrain customer whether UK or internationally based, receives a completely bespoke service by assessing the needs of your Authorised Treatment Facility…tailoring our equipment to make your business profitable and efficient.

No matter where you are located in the world, AutoDrain can provide expert assistance from start to finish. Recently we had the pleasure of providing and installing ELV depollution systems to Onze Recycle based in the Reunion Islands, within the Indian Ocean.

Our Engineering team with years of technical expertise, boarded the 13 hour flight to make their way over to the Reunion Islands for a labour intensive week. With only 4 days in the Reunion Island to complete the task, the team started the installation immediately. Meticulous planning and preparation for the AutoDrain team helped the operation go smoothly without any unexpected surprises or delays.

Large amounts of equipment had been dispatched to the ATF site, arriving safely before the arrival of our engineering team. Onze Recycle chose a full ELV depollution system, alongside some of the firm AutoDrain favourites, such as the QuickDrain Range, Gravity Mobiles and the essential AutoShear.

Onze Recycle stated that ” The AutoDrain team that came to La Réunion were very professional. Mr De Bruycker managed very well, and above all translated (French-English) so that everyone understood and could move on quickly and efficiently. The technicians were very dynamic and professional when installing the equipment. The procedures to follow in order to handle all the materials were explained very clearly. The owner Mr Arayapin, told me that he could even understand English, as it all was explained so well”

The AutoDrain installation team thoroughly enjoyed their time at Onze Recycling and we are pleased to of had such a successful installation. With part of our service offering continuing customer and technical support, we are always here to help our customers, whatever help and advice that they may need.

With over 25 years with in the depollution industry, we have developed crucial practical insight and experiences enabling us to create equipment that is robust, cost effective and easy to operate.

With no distance being too far, we welcome customers from every corner of the world, we are happy to share our expert knowledge and provide market leading equipment where ever you are based… we can help you.




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This week, AutoDrain’s sales team are back at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC) showing the Oilaway system at Maintec.
So if you have an interest in predictive maintenance or a sealed, safe and fast oil draining solution Maintec is open today until 4pm and tomorrow (Thursday) 9am >3pm.
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Funny Old World
“We are not naming the driver,” a police spokeswoman told reporters,”but we can tell you that she is 55 years old. She filled her VW diesel car with petrol, and only realised her mistake after she had finished. She asked for advice in the garage , and was told that she would need professional help to remove the fuel.
Wishing to spare herself the cost of a mechanic, she asked a passing 20-year old man to help push the car away from the petrol pumps, and towards the garages vacuum cleaners, which are normally used to clean the inside of vehicles. She hoped to connect the vacuum cleaner to a hose and gradually suck the petrol out of the tank, but the vacuum cleaner was more powerful than she realised. It rapidly sucked petrol directly in to its interior, which then burst into flames, setting fire to the car as well. Firefighters were called to extinguish the blaze, which caused over €40,000 of damage, and required a road closure in the surrounding area. The woman was unharmed, but the 20-year-old man needed treatment for burns to his hands.
RTL News Luxembourg 11/8/19 / Private Eye
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The Spanish sales team received a fantastic response (and had a good time) at the International Tow Show FIRECA in Sevilla, Southern Spain. A big thank you to everybody who visited the stand! ... See MoreSee Less

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