Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of AutoDrain and its associated businesses is to employ the operating methods and record keeping defined by the Standard to drive excellence in performance and thus, business success.

The Company recognises the need for full compliance with applicable legislation in all its markets and delivery of good environmental performance.

The Quality Standard should drive and enable Continuous Improvement across all aspects of the business including customer service and the quality of products offered.

Through effective use of the Quality Management System the management of the company will drive innovation, forward thinking, responsiveness, flexibility and a competitive culture.

Central to business success is the direct involvement of all of the company’s employees in the use of the Quality Management System as both a regulatory and developmental tool.

Through effective communication of this Quality policy and the businesses other policies contained within the Quality Management System the management of the business will drive team and business performance.

A fundamental outcome of the effective implementation of this policy should be that the company achieves:

  • The support of its workforce in its drive to excellence
  • The support of its customers in its drive to excellence
  • Full compliance with all regulatory and quality standards
  • Commercial success evidenced by year on year growth, a developing reputation, continued and sustained diversification and high levels of staff retention.

Quality Objectives

The Company’s quality objectives are defined below. These should, if achieved, assist us in achieving our wider commercial goals.

  • To strive to eliminate errors, both within the business and within its supply chain.
  • To continuously develop and improve every aspect of the business’ function to support growth, by means of innovation, co-operation and original thinking.
  • To produce high quality durable products, delivered fault free and resistant to in-service failure, which go on to provide an extended service life to their users.
  • To provide full and transparent accountability in pursuit of the above objectives.
  • To develop and enhance the Company’s reputation with its suppliers, customers, staff and the wider marketplace.
  • To demonstrate this commitment to quality in every aspect of the business operation.
AutoShear GIF


Purpose built AutoShear designed to quickly remove valuable catalytic converters.

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F-Gas Waste Disposal (Air Conditioning Gas / Refrigerent Gas)

An efficient solution for disposing of your refrigerant FGas waste.

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Fuel Scavenger 120 Pro Stainless Steel

Designed to quickly and safely recover valuable petrol, diesel or contaminated fuel from all makes of vehicle

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Tyre removal machine that removes scrap tyres from steel and alloy rims in seconds. Up to 240 wheels and tyres per hour.