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Here at AutoDrain we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to End of Life Vehicle equipment. That’s why we offer a completely bespoke service, tailoring all our equipment and installation options to your business’s exact needs.

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You can be sure that you will get the correct range of equipment to ensure that you are maximising your profits from End of Life Vehicles as well as being fully compliant with all the relevant legislation and increasing your productivity.

We can provide a consultancy service, where one of our expert staff will come out to your site to have a look round and discuss equipment needs. We can then provide precise drawings of a potential vehicle depollution system and detailed quotations in a ‘menu’ format, where you pick and choose according to budget and needs.

“We’ve dealt with AutoDrain from day one and have always had the best possible help and advice. I know I can ring up and speak to someone who knows exactly what they are talking about and what we need. We can come for any advice and we never get told about anything we don’t need as you make sure we always get the right kit for our business.”
Ricky Rouille, Company Director, Picot Rouille

We understand End of Life Vehicles and our core aim is to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Most of our customers have worked with AutoDrain for years, creating exactly what they need and building up a great relationship along the way.

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We can provide a consultancy service, where one of our expert staff will come out to your site, to have a look around and discuss your equipment needs.

Wheelpopper GIF


Tyre removal machine that removes scrap tyres from steel and alloy rims in seconds. Up to 240 wheels and tyres per hour.

Fuel Scavenger SS Image

Fuel Scavenger 120 Pro Stainless Steel

Quick, safe and efficient fuel removal of valuable petrol, diesel and contaminated fuel from all makes of vehicle

Nut Buster Image

Nut Buster

Allows the removal of valuable wheels without damage

AutoShear GIF


Purpose built AutoShear designed to quickly remove valuable catalytic converters.