Separates scrap tires from steel and alloy rims in seconds

The fastest way to separate scrap wheels and tires
  • Complete separation in approximately 15 seconds, allowing you to process up to 240 wheels per hour*
  • The WheelPopper can process steel, alloy, light commercial & 4×4 wheels
  • The design reduces bending & stretching, which in turn reduces operator fatigue & risk of injury
  • Easily moved with a forklift truck
  • Built to last
  • The compact design allows the machine to be located in the Depollution bay to maximise efficiency

*Requires a different technique to be used between steel and alloy wheels.


  • Power options:
    • Gas Honda engine GX390 (Honda and EPA approved)
    • 3 phase 208 volt
    • 3 phase 240 volt
    • 3 phase 400 volt
    • 3 phase 480 volt
    • 3 phase 575 volt
  • Height 90.5” x Length 67” x Width 51”
  • Net Weight 1500lbs
  • All steel construction
  • Optional polycarbonate guard available

This is a very powerful machine and requires the operator to understand the instructions before attempting to use it, otherwise damage to the machine could occur.

Due to transport restrictions these machines are delivered without hydraulic oil

Service and Support

WheelPopper’s are designed to be serviced and maintained by a competent person using standard tools.

Technical support is offered through email, telephone, text and FaceTime, and the languages our technicians speak are English, French and Spanish.

In the event that any spares are required, they can be sent around the World in a couple of days using companies such as FedEx and DHL.

Further support and spares for the gas engine can be found in USA from the engine manufacturers support network.

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“… we were able to successfully POP and clean all the wheels from our yard…it was pretty quick too…they did about 1000 wheels and popped them in less than a week …”

Erik Zwilsky
Potomac Metals USA

"For the last 5 years we have been using WheelPopper’s in all of our state branches in Australia. They allow us to quickly and safely separate rims from scrap tyres, resulting in major costs savings. Support from the local dealer ensures continuous operation and the machines require minimal maintenance. I would highly recommend the WheelPopper to every Vehicle Recycling company."

Tim McKenzie-McHarg, Operations manager Tyrecycle WA. Tyre cycle is the leading tyre recycler in Australia, part of ResourceCo. Australia


Q. Do you have an agent in the USA?
A. Yes, if you do not wish to deal with us direct, we can put you in contact with one of our US agents who will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

Q. Does this machine do alloy wheels?
A. Yes it does, but a different technique is employed compared to steel wheels. Most alloy wheels are brittle compared to steel wheels. Be prepared to go slower and if the alloy wheel breaks and sticks into the tire, be ready to reposition. Please watch the video.

Q. Can you supply the WheelPopper with a 240v single phase electric motor?
A. No, this machine is only supplied with three phase motors or gas.

Q. Is it ok to use this machine outside?
A. No, it is best to use under cover and protected from wet weather.

Q. Can I use the WheelPopper on more than one site?
A. Yes, it is designed with integral forklift pockets (see the gallery above) and electric versions can be easily unplugged. If transporting between sites, ensure a correctly rated vehicle is used and the machine is strapped down.

Q. Do WheelPopper’s come with hydraulic oil?
A. No, due to restrictions we cannot transport WheelPopper’s containing hydraulic oil. Each machine is tested, then drained of oil before dispatch. You will require approximately 17gallons of ISO 32.

Q. What is the “Spoke Pusher” used for?
A. This is an additional tool to be used when separating alloy wheels with spokes that have large gaps between them. It should not be used for steel or normal alloy wheels.

Q. Are the wheels on American cars made from stronger metal than European cars?
A. No, they are made from the same materials and to the same specifications. And in most cases, they are also made in the same factory.

Q. If the voltage on a WheelPopper is higher, does this make the machine more powerful?
A No, the voltage does not make a difference to how powerful the WheelPopper is. The flow rate and pressure produced by the hydraulic pump determines the power, and these are selected to give each type of machine the same predetermined power.